College Works Painting

College Works Painting has been painting houses in Ohio since the year 2000. As a college internship that teaches local Ohio college students how to run their own house painting company, College Works Painting offers Ohio homeowners exceptional house painting services at a great price. College Works Painting paints approximately 10,000 homes a year nationwide with over 700 of those homes located in Ohio. With College Works Painting you get the pleasure of supporting the college students in your local community while receiving the benefits of a major house painting company.

College Works Painting is dedicated to providing exceptional service to each of our clients. The College Works Painting interns are committed to delivering clear communication, consistent follow-up, and delivering what they promise. Our house painters and student painters focus on following the scope of work precisely, giving the right amount of energy to the preparation work, and maintaining a clean jobsite. In addition, our leadership team closely monitors each project to ensure complete satisfaction. We believe the care we take with each project explains our consistent 97% customer satisfaction rating.

All house painters and student painters at College Works Painting undergo an extensive training program to make sure the College Works Painting standard is met. College Works Painting takes measures ensure our clients receive the best quality paint job. We train our crews to paint homes following the sun to avoid painting in the direct sunlight. This is to avoid paint flaws as an overheated surface can affect paint adhesion. Additionally, College Works Painting uses only top quality products to protect your home from weathering weatheringand paint failures which can lead to expensive home improvement costs in the future.

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Ohio Students

College is a time of great fun and excitement and the arduous pressure of exams and GPAs. The trick is to balance the two. Likewise, it’s important to balance college life with your after-college goals. Because college can be an exhausting challenge a lot of the time, college students tend to relax during their summer breaks to unwind. College Works Painting urges you not to do this. College is the time to start your career. If you wait until you have earned your degree to begin your career efforts, you waited too long. Unless you begin taking steps toward your career now while you’re still in college, the job market will be brutal.

The job market is incredibly competitive these days. When your parents earned their college degrees it may have seemed like a job offer came stapled to the back of it. That’s just not the case anymore. Today, millions of college graduates, thousands in Ohio alone, are competing for entry level jobs – and they’re competing not only against each other but other job seekers who have been in the workforce for several years. Therefore, in order to have a competitive edge in the job market you need to have legitimate work experience on your resume in addition to your college degree.

At College Works Painting we balance work and enjoyment – “work hard, play hard“. We want our college interns to gain broad based work experience and transferable skills to advance their career but we want the College Works Painting interns to enjoy the experience as well. The College Works Painting internship is extremely challenging and intensive but it’s also incredibly rewarding. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn how to run your very own house painting company, managing a staff of student painters, interacting with clients, selling, booking, and producing work, and managing the profitability of your business.

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