College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship for ambitious college students who want to propel their careers and a professional house painting company in Omaha, Nebraska for homeowners in need of painting. College Works Painting delivers top quality house painting services to homeowners at a fair price. Since our inception in 1993 we have painted over 75,000 homes nationwide. With our experience, paired with a 97% customer satisfaction rating that we only intend to improve upon, homeowners can expect the job to be done correctly and to last. Homeowners can also expect to work with an exceptional college student local to their community. Many of the students who participate in our program in Omaha attend the University of Nebraska, Omaha, Creighton University, or other local schools. Many former clients have stated that this only made the experience more rewarding for them. College students, on the other hand, can expect a challenging internship that will push them passed their comfort zone. College Works Painting teaches college students how to run their own house painting business firsthand. In doing so, the College Works Painting interns gain competitive work experience that enables them to successfully compete in the job market after college. success stories from College Works Painting alumni have separated themselves from their peers and transformed into talented business people.

Company culture is very important to us at College Works Painting. We have created a culture that encourages team work. While the College Works Painting internship is competitive, we also do everything possible to help our peers and teammates achieve the greatest amount of success possible. Interns can expect to work as a team throughout the entirety of the program. At training seminars interns will break out into groups for group exercises. Interns doing particularly well in the program will also speak to the group and share best practices. Also, because we believe that success is best achieved through the support of a team, no intern will do anything alone the first few times. All interns will receive individual support and guidance from their District Manager and the leadership team at College Works Painting.

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