Oregon Homeowners

College Works Painting is a professional house painting company that has been painting homes in Oregon since 1999. More than just your average house painting company, College Works Painting provides exceptional house painting services to Oregon homeowners while teaching Oregon college students how to run a painting business. With our longstanding expertise and experience paired with our college student painters, College Works Painting knows how to deliver a top quality paint job at a reasonable price.

College Works Painting understands that your home is likely your largest and most valuable investment so we approach each home we paint with this in mind. We train our house painters to paint homes to enhance their beauty and protect them from future damages caused by weather or improper paint application. We offer several different quality guarantee packages with various levels of prep work included to best protect your individual home, as some homes need more preparation work than others depending on the age and general condition of the house. In addition to the care we take before we apply paint to your home, we also strictly use the best quality acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are designed to protect your home from weathering so that the paint will withstand water, solar, wind, or other climate conditions if exposed to them.

College Works Painting takes the responsibility of providing exceptional customer service in addition to superior painting very seriously. The College Works Painting leadership team attends customer service retreats annually to continue our efforts in delivering the best service around. As a college internship we feel it’s our responsibility to prepare Oregon’s future leaders by teaching the college student painters how to run a business properly. This certainly includes treating each client with courtesy, respect, and integrity. We believe our dedication to customer care has led to our consistent 97% customer satisfaction rating.

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Oregon Students

With the job market as competitive as it is today, getting a job or while you’re internship in Oregon
still in college will help you tremendously during your career search after you graduate. Today’s college students face one of the most challenging job markets we’ve experienced in a long time. Entry level positions that used to go to recent college graduates are now sought after by job seekers who have been in the job force for several years.

What does this mean for you? A college degree alone is not enough. In order to successfully compete in the job market you need work experience in addition to your degree. However, the type of experience you acquire makes a huge difference. An internship in Oregon that has you sorting mail or highlighting phone bills will not provide you with the practical skills required to land a job after graduation. Only a position that offers intensive job functions will enable you to compete in the job market successfully. Here’s what you should look for in an internship position:

The job functions – are they demanding and skill transfer based?

What’s the industry recognition of the company – have they helped other college students with a future career?

What is the track record of the intern’s trainer and supervisor – will you gain knowledge from them?

Will it be a good cultural fit for you?

The College Works Painting internship is an intensive, challenging internship which you will benefit from tremendously. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn every aspect of running a business. You will interview, hire, and manage a crew of house painters; interact with clients and all levels of internal staff (from the CEOs to the payroll representatives at our corporate headquarters); market, sell, and book work to last throughout the summer; and manage the profitability of your business. These job functions will teach you leadership, management, responsibility, and business skills – all of which will apply to any job position in any industry.

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