College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship in Pocatello. Since our company’s inception in 1993, College Works Painting has been providing college students with a unique opportunity to separate themselves from their peers by running their very own house painting company while still in college. College Works Painting is dedicated to delivering a world-class leadership experience to our interns. In addition, College Works Painting is committed to providing homeowners with an exceptional paint job. For homeowners in need of house painting services in Pocatello, College Works Painting provides a rewarding home improvement experience along with top quality painting. With College Works Painting homeowners get the pleasure of working with and supporting an exceptional and driven college student local to their community. By choosing College Works Painting homeowners help local college students build their resume and future careers and homeowners help them earn money to pay for college tuition (as College Works Painting is a paid internship).

Because College Works Painting is a college internship, we take the responsibility of teaching college students how to run a business properly very seriously. We make sure every intern has been thoroughly trained and is well vetted before the interns interact with clients. This way, homeowners receive the most up-to-date and relevant house painting advice and services from our interns and house painters in Pocatello. Our trainings cover all aspects of running a house painting company. We train our interns on marketing, customer service, painting estimates, paint training including safety requirements and scope of work inspections, managing profitability, and much more. What makes the College Works Painting internship unique (and award winning) is that our program is hands-on. After thorough training and with the support of the leadership team at College Works Painting, the interns run their business firsthand.

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