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Rhode Island Homeowners

College Works Painting is a fully licensed and insured residential house painting company. Since our inception in 1993, College Works Painting has painted roughly 75,000 homes nationwide. College Works Painting is more than just the average house painting company. As a college internship, we provide top quality house painting services to Rhode Island residents while teaching local college students how to run a house painting business over the summer. With college works painting, you receive a great paint job at a fair price, support your local community by helping college students pay for tuition and plan for their future, and receive the benefits of working with a major house painting company. It’s a triple win!

Working with College Works Painting you can expect the job to be done right. We’re so confident in our work that we offer a variety of guarantee of quality packages for you to choose from. Our house painters apply the precise amount of energy to the pre-painting preparation to ensure proper paint adhesion. And since we paint in the summer, all house painters are taught to paint your home following the sun as to not paint in the direct sunlight. If the surface of the home is too hot the curing process may be affected. In addition to the right crews doing the work correctly, we only use the top-of-the-line paint products such as acrylic paints to protect your home from climate conditions.

The college student painters at College Works Painting do what it takes to make sure you receive the best possible home improvement experience. College Works Painting provides design consultations to help make the color selection process easier and less overwhelming for you. With the help of College Works Painting you can make the best color choice for your home using the tools provided by top painting manufactures.

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Rhode Island Students

College students today are up against one of the toughest job markets we’ve experienced in a long while, and Rhode Island college students are no exception to this. Because recent college graduates and job seekers with several years of work experience are competing for the same jobs, unless you have legitimate, practical work experience in addition to your college degree the job market will be incredibly bleak for you.

Just any job won’t cut it though. When you get a job or college internship in Rhode Island over the summer- which you should do every summer while in college- you need to research the job functions of that internship. If the internship merely has you faxing documents and pouring coffee that summer, it won’t help you build your resume and compete in the job market. The internship position you accept should teach you practical skills that you can apply to any job position in any industry.

The College Works Painting internship provides college students with practical, transferable skills that can be applied to any future job in any industry by allowing college students to run their own house painting business over the summer. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn responsibility, integrity, and leadership and management skills by managing a crew of house painters, interacting with clients, selling paint jobs, managing paint jobs, and managing the profitability of your company.

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