College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a professional house painting company in Sacramento and a college internship for students attending California State University, Sacramento and other local schools. We teach driven college students how to run their own house painting company and we provide top quality house painting services to Sacramento residents. In business since 1993 (painting over 75,000 homes since our inception and helping thousands of college students build their careers), College Works Painting is expert at entrepreneurship and painting. By the time summer approaches and painting begins the College Works Painting interns are thoroughly trained and capable of offering the most up-to-date painting services around. Homeowners are wowed by the knowledge and dedication the College Works Painting interns demonstrate while handling their home improvement project. Likewise, homeowners also enjoy working with our house painters in Sacramento because they’re courteous, paint extremely well, and maintain a clean jobsite. College Works Painting ensures this by conducting intensive intern trainings and painter trainings throughout the program.

The College Works Painting intern training sessions occur upon hire. The interns are expected to take these trainings very seriously as they exist as the foundation for the intern’s success. Interns are expected to attend the trainings prepared to learn – well rested, actively listening to lectures and taking notes, and looking sharp in business attire. When summer, and therefore painting, begins, trainings continue on a bi-weekly basis. The trainings are a bit more casual in terms of dress and atmosphere. Yet the trainings are just as intensive in terms of knowledge provided. Our summer training sessions, which we refer to as Payroll Fridays, promote team work. In an open and relaxed atmosphere interns share best practices with each other to help their peers achieve the greatest success possible. Yes, this is a competitive environment but it’s one where team success is desired more so than individual success. As a result, life-long unbreakable bonds are created and certainly team unity is achieved.

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