College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship in Sonoma, California. Since our inception in 1993 College Works Painting has been teaching college students how to run their very own house painting company. The beauty of College Works Painting is that the College Works Painting interns are local (most of which attend Sonoma State University or other local schools). In this way, when homeowners opt to have College Works Painting paint their home they get the pleasure of supporting their local community, not to mention the peace of mind of receiving the benefits of working with a major painting company.

College Works Painting is determined to provide a world class learning experience for college students while providing top quality house painting services for homeowners. We achieve this goal, in part, through our extensive training programs. Our interns and our house painters in Sonoma undergo multiple training sessions. Our intern trainings begin almost immediately upon hire. The training sessions are intensive and all interns are expected to arrive on time, come prepared to learn, dress appropriately in business attire, and take notes. There are several group activities held during the training sessions to promote and encourage team work throughout the program.

We have a team oriented culture here at College Works Painting. The College Works Painting leadership team supports each intern throughout the program. Regular meetings are held and phone conversations take place sometimes daily. In addition, the interns have a full support staff located at our corporate headquarters and they’re eager to help. The interns also tend to seek guidance from each other, sharing best practices and offering solutions when needed. The culture at College Works Painting leads the interns to create life-long bonds with each other. And when an intern receives an award for his achievements during the course of the internship, he typically thanks his peers who helped him succeed.

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