College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship in Springfield, Illinois for driven college students who want to separate themselves from their peers by running their own house painting company in Springfield while still in college. The College Works Painting internship helps propel student’s careers by providing them with a world-class, hands-on leadership experience. After completing the College Works Painting internship students have acquired the skills to build a competitive resume and have developed the experience to wow job seekers during interviews. This is in addition to earning money to help pay for college tuition because yes, College Works Painting is a paid internship.

The College Works Painting internship takes place primarily during the summer. However, training and weekend work is required during the school year to adequately prepare the interns for the summer. Upon hire, training begins. Once the interns have completed the first series of the winter training program, they begin interacting with clients, giving free estimates and offering top quality painting advice. By the time this happens the interns are well vetted and capable of offering the best services around.

It’s worth mentioning that at College Works Painting, we believe success is best achieved with the support of a team. For this reason, no intern does anything alone the first few times. Even after the initial winter training is complete the interns continue to receive training from their District Manager out in the field. The continual training ensures intern success and customer satisfaction with a professional paint job. We have a 97% customer satisfaction rating and we only intend to improve this rating even further. We pride ourselves in the house painting services we provide. We’re determined to deliver an exceptional paint job that lasts for each house we paint.