College Works Painting

College Works Painting is a college internship for driven students who want to advance their careers by running their own house painting company in Urbana, Illinois while still in college. The College Works Painting internship produces such high quality and talented business people because we have incredibly high standards. We have an intensive interview process to make sure we hire only the finest and most capable college students to participate in our program. This ensures intern success and customer satisfaction alike. By hiring the correct candidates for our internship we ensure that clients receive a top quality paint job that will last. Because we hire steadfast and driven college students, we expect a lot out of them.

This is a serious internship. Given the opportunity, College Works Painting will transform an ambitious college student into a talented business person. The skills acquired at College Works Painting transfer to any job position in any industry. Naturally, then, the internship is open to all college majors. The students who participate in our program in Urbana typically attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and other local schools. We understand that school comes first. The last thing we want to do is interfere with the success of a student’s GPA and course load. For this reason, the internship primarily takes place during the summer. Though part time work is required during the school year, the job requirements work around the student’s school schedule.

We have a strong company culture at College Works Painting which we take very seriously. We believe that balance is the real measure of success. That’s why we balance working hard and playing hard. At College Works Painting we have multiple training sessions which require participation, active learning, and test taking. We also enjoy taking our interns out on team building type events throughout the summer to simply enjoy each other’s company. At College Works Painting we work hard, play hard, and have fun.