Virginia Homeowners

College Works Painting is a fully licensed and insured, EPA lead certified residential house painting company. College Works Painting has been providing professional house painting services to Virginia homeowners since the year 2000. With years of painting experience – founded and operating in California since 1993 – College Works Painting has the experience and expertise to deliver quality paint jobs at a fair price. However, College Works Painting is more than just a painting company. College Works Painting is a college internship that teaches the local college students in your community how to run a house painting company. With College Works Painting you get to support your local community by helping college students earn money for tuition and prepare for their future while you receive the benefits of working with a major nationwide house painting company.

College Works Painting is dedicated to delivering an exceptional home improvement experience to each of our clients. During our intensive training program for our college student painters, we focus heavily on customer service. With College Works Painting you can expect clear and thorough communication, safe work practices, follow-through, and follow-up. We believe our passion for one-of-a-kind customer service has led to our 97% customer satisfaction rating. And in an attempt to improve our rating, in the off chance you’re not completely satisfied we have a leadership team and customer care team readily available to assist.

At College Works Painting we paint homes to enhance their beauty and to protect them. College Works Painting understands that your home is likely your largest, most valuable investment. We train our house painters to approach each paint job with this in mind. The College Works Painting house painters apply the right amount of energy to the pre-painting preparation of your home to ensure proper paint adhesion. And once painting does begin, we use only the top quality acrylic paints which are designed to protect your home from climate conditions.

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Virginia Students

College Works Painting understands how difficult it is to be a college student. The pressures of exams, papers, social time, and high GPAs can be overwhelming. Naturally, a lot of college students want to escape the pressures of the school year by relaxing during summer break. Resist the urge to do this. As a college student you essentially have three opportunities to prepare for your future. Your three summer breaks.

The job market today is more competitive than ever. Millions of college students, thousands in Virginia alone, will graduate this year with their four year degree and compete for entry level jobs. However, because the job market has not recovered as quickly as expected, jobs that used to go to recent college graduates are now being sought after by job seekers with several years of experience in the workforce. This means you need legitimate work experience before you graduate college to really compete in the job market. You need to get an intensive internship in Virginia each summer while in college.

The College Works Painting internship prepares college students for their future by teaching them transferable skills that can apply to any job market in any industry. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn every aspect of running a business and in doing so, you will gain management and leadership skills, integrity, and responsibility.

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