Washington Homeowners

College Works Painting is a fully licensed and insured residential house painting company that has been providing Washington homeowners with professional house painting services since 1997. We are an EPA lead certified firm that follows all OSHA regulations. More than just the average painting company, College Works Painting is a college internship. We teach local college students how to run their own painting company. With College Works Painting, Washington residents get a top quality paint job at a great price and Washington college students earn money to help pay for tuition while preparing for their future by gaining work experience.

Because we’re a college internship we feel responsible for teaching our college student painters how to run a business properly, with integrity. During our intensive training program we focus heavily on providing top notch customer service to each client. College Works Painting is determined to provide an exceptional house painting experience to our clients. With College Works Painting you can expect the college student painters to communicate with you clearly, follow-up on project updates, and deliver what they promise. We feel our dedication to providing excellent service has led to our 97% customer satisfaction rating.

College Works Painting understands that your home is most likely your largest and most precious investment. We teach our house painters to approach each project with this in mind. Our house painters paint to enhance your home’s beauty and to protect your investment. Our painting crews apply the precise amount of pre-painting preparation to your home to ensure proper paint adhesion. They are also trained to paint your home following the sun as to not paint in the direct sunlight where the surface of the home may be too hot and therefore affect paint adhesion. In addition, College Works Painting uses only the top-of-the-line acrylic paints. Acrylic paints are designed to protect your home from climate conditions such as moisture, wind, water, and solar. We treat your home like it was our own.

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Washington Students

College Works Painting understands the pressures college students face. Maintaining a high GPA, prepping for exams, writing papers, and finding time for friends and family can be overwhelming. These pressures lead many students to just relax during their summer breaks to unwind. Don’t do this. As exhausting as it may seem you need to get a job or internship in Washington during each of your summer breaks while in college. Your summer breaks are your only opportunity to adequately prepare for your future. Here’s why.

Today’s job market is more competitive and more challenging than ever. Millions of college students will graduate this year with their four year degree, thousands just in Washington. These recent college graduates will then compete for jobs against each other and against job seekers with several years of experience in the workforce. Why? The economy has not recovered as well or as quickly as expected. Therefore, jobs that used to go to recent college graduates are now being sought after by those with up to seven years of work experience. What does this mean for you? You need legitimate work experience in addition to your degree to stand a fighting chance in the job market after graduation.

The College Works Painting internship teaches college students how to run their own house painting business. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn every aspect of running a business. You will interview, hire, and manage your own crew of house painters; interact with clients; market and sell work to last the entire summer; and manage the profitability of your business. Doing this you will gain the transferable skills needed to successfully compete in the job market. The College Works Painting internship will teach you management and leadership skills, responsibility, and integrity. These are skills you can apply to any job position in any industry.

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