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College Works Painting New Hampshire

New Hampshire Homeowners

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College Works Painting is a fully licensed and insured, EPA lead certified professional house painting company in New Hampshire. College Works Painting is more than just the average house painting company. We are a college internship that teaches local college students how to run their own house painting business over the summer. This, paired with years of experience painting thousands of homes across the country, enables us to provide top quality house painting services at a great price. With College Works Painting you will receive a professional paint job that lasts- backed by our guarantee of quality- while supporting the future leaders in your local community.

It is our mission at College Works Painting to deliver a uniquely satisfying home improvement experience to each of our clients. Our college student painters are among the most ambitious and headstrong students around. And after completing the extensive College Works Painting training program, they're qualified and more passionate and committed than ever to produce professional, top quality work. The College Works Painting house painters undergo a thorough training program as well, despite their level of experience (some relatively new to the field, others with years of experience). The house painter training is to ensure proper safety, clean-up, and that the College Works Painting standard to quality is delivered each time.

At College Works Painting we believe that success is best achieved with the help and support of others. No college student painter does anything alone the first few times. The College Works Painting internship is designed to teach students leadership skills and how to run a business properly. And even when the interns become more independent in their role, they still have the back-up and support of their mentor- who they meet with several times weekly throughout the entire program- and the support of the year-round, full time staff located at our corporate headquarters. And as for our clients, they receive this back-up and support too.

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New Hampshire Students

College Students today are faced with the disheartening reality of an extremely difficult job market. Years ago, a college degree practically came with a job offer stapled to the back of it. That's just not the case anymore. Today, the job market is more competitive than ever with millions of recent college graduates, hundreds in New Hampshire alone, competing for jobs against each other and against job seekers who have been in the job force for several years. With the job market as competitive as it is college students need practical work experience before they graduate in order to have a fighting chance of landing a decent job after graduation. Start with a career guide.

When you search for a job or internship in New Hampshire for the summer, research the job functions for the position. It's not enough to get a position opening mail, pouring coffee, or simply observing how the business runs. College students need a position that will actually allow them to work and gain skill transfer based experience to build their resume and compete in the job market after school.

At the College Works Painting internship, you will learn every aspect of running a business first hand. You will market and sell in order to get houses to paint for the summer, hire your own staff of house painters and maintain that staff, interact with clients, and manage the profitability of your business. As a College Works Painting intern you will learn leadership, responsibility, and business skills - practical, transferable skills that can apply to any job position in any industry.

Despite which internship in New Hampshire you choose, make sure it's an internship that pushes and challenges you in ways you haven't faced yet because when you get out of school you're competing with people who have the same degree but possibly years of experience.

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Where We Have Painted

Some of our recent jobs are marked on the following maps. Click on the markers spread over the map of New Hampshire to see job highlights.