Mastering The Phone Interview

It’s 11:57, your heart’s pounding, you’ve been staring at the phone for almost 15 minutes. You landed an interview with your dream company, but the catch is that you are about to take part in a phone interview– the results of this phone interview will determine if you get to interview with the company in person.


Phone interviews are typically used as an initial screening to weed out interviewees that they feel do not fit with the company. Phone interviews are popular because they save the company time and money. They also allow for companies to interview people that are not located in the immediate area.

College Works Painting has some advice on how to prepare and speak with your potential new boss when being interviewed over the phone.

No. 1: Practice with a friend

In an age where texting is just about everyones primary way of communicating, the idea of having to talk on the phone seems to make most people cringe. Make a list of questions that you think you may be asked and have a phone conversation with a friend or family member where they ask you these questions. The more you practice the easier the interview will be.


No. 2: Dress and act the part

Just because you will not be seeing the interviewer in person does not mean that you should treat the interview lightly. Imagine the person interviewing you over the phone is actually seated right in front of you. If you go in with that mindset you will come across prepared and professional on the phone.


No. 3: Set the scene

Along with dressing and acting the part, think about where you are as you take this potentially life changing call. Go to a quiet room, without distractions. Don’t talk while in a crowded room, or busy street. Background noise tells the interviewer that you are not prepared and that whatever is taking place around you takes priority over them.


No. 4: Have and know your material

The interviewer is going to have your resume and cover letter sitting in front of them so make sure you do too. When they ask you about a specific past job, make sure you can answer without having to wrack your brain for an answer. Jot down some notes that you can bring up that will highlight your skills as well, like additional skills you possess that aren’t listed or notes to elaborate on some that are.

As long as you stay calm and are prepared, or at least come across that way, then you are going to rock your phone interview. Be confident and treat your phone interview just as you would treat an in person interview.

Melanie Lovejoy
College Works Painting

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