Memorization Tips To Make Your Study Session Worthwhile

When studying for tests I often become frustrated when I feel like all my studying isn’t doing me any good. I will sit down, open my book, my notes, and my study guides and I will study for hours, but when it’s all said and done nothing sticks. What am I doing wrong?

If you ever feel like you run into this issue the reality is that you’re probably studying wrong. I have switched over to the following memorization tricks and my test grades are already substantially better! Try a few of these and good luck on finals this semester!

7 Tips Proven To Help You Study Better With Music.

1) Simplify the wording

Textbooks are written in technical terms not meant for the common student to understand easily. As if reading it wasn’t difficult enough, memorizing it is nearly impossible. Instead of focusing on memorizing the textbook definitions and explanations copy down the info into your own terms and work on memorizing what makes sense to you.


2) Let’s get visual

Everyone has their own style of learning. Some people are visual learners. They can read a book 100 times and never remember anything but after watching a movie once they know every character and every line.

To decide if you are a visual learner ask yourself this: Are you more likely to learn the parts of the human body from a list or from a colorful, detailed diagram?

If you said diagram you are a visual learner. Use colors, pictures, or physical objects to help you study.


3) Link information

It can be hard to memorize a bunch of different pieces of information but finding a relationship between them makes it easier. The ideas in a single chapter of your book are going to somehow link together. Think of the info you are learning as a piece of a larger picture. When trying to memorize info think how does Thing A affect Thing B, and so on. 

You will draw similarities between pieces of information making it easier for you to remember.


4) Teach it to someone else

This is my favorite study trick of them all. In order to teach someone else about a topic you need to have a pretty strong grasp on the information yourself. After studying, meet up with a friend and try to teach them what you have just learned.

If you know the material then teaching it will be no problem. If not it’s probably time to hit the books again. This trick is great because it will also make you aware of what parts you know well and what parts you don’t know so well.


What are some other study tricks you find useful? Leave your ideas below in the comments.


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