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During your tenure with College Works Painting, you will be trained in the many facets, nuances and mechanics of owning a business. This provides invaluable experience that can be successfully applied to any profession or prospective career you may choose. Unlike seasonal summer jobs, a position with College Works Painting helps you gain life-changing skills and expertise.

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Homeowner Blog

Spring Cleaning To Save Money

Spring cleaning feels great when it’s done, but motivating yourself to get started can be hard. Here is some good […]

Landscaping For Added Value

Adding value to your home can be as simple as planting flowers and updating your landscaping. Effective landscaping will give […]

What to Do With Your Stuff After You Clean

Tips to Clean Out Clutter: What to Do With Your Stuff After You Clean Lately I have been doing some […]

4 Tricks To Make Any Room Look Bigger

No matter what the square footage of your home is, there has probably been a point in time when you […]

Controlling Your Mindset

How are you controlling your mindset? Do you ever find yourself dreading the rainy weather outside that is ruining your […]

Turn Your Master Bedroom Into Your Favorite Room

The master bedroom of your home is the most important room because it is your haven. It is the place […]

Easy Weekend Home Improvement Projects

Face it, we all have a long list of home improvement projects. Usually these projects are relatively long-term, but boy […]

5 Outdoor Water Conservation Tips

Hot summer days are great for lounging by the pool or a family trip to the beach, but everyone knows […]

7 House Painting Tricks The Pros Use For Interior Painting

Painting the interior of your home may seem like an easy task– slap the pain on the wall, let it […]

How To Save Money At Home Improvement Stores

DIY and home improvement projects sound like a great idea until the bills start to add up. I have compiled […]

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Student Blog

Road Tripping: Student Style

I love road trips. They are a fun and as a student they are usually a cheaper way to spend […]

Mastering The Phone Interview

It’s 11:57, your heart’s pounding, you’ve been staring at the phone for almost 15 minutes. You landed an interview with […]

Sleep? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

With the first day of college just days away for many, the anticipation is overwhelming. Whether you are a freshman […]

10 Study Habits of Successful Students

For many, including myself, today marks the first day of classes. Each year I tell myself this is the year […]

4 Tips to Properly Hang Curtains

This week we are featuring a guest blog post from Tali Wee of Zillow. is a home and real estate […]

Too Much To Do, Not Enough Time? Delegate!

The past month of my life has been been an overwhelming blur of work, school, and sorority life. As the […]

5 Ways To Get Motivated…Again

For me, today marks the start of week 4 of school. I am tired, lethargic, and unmotivated. If this is […]

Staying Healthy This Fall and Winter

The air is getting crisp and the leaves are starting to fall. Autumn is here! Sweaters, hot coco, and movies […]

Why You Should Start A Blog… Right Now

“I sincerely believe blogging can save America” -John Jay Hooker  In today’s opinionated society everyone feels entitled to their two […]

Steps to starting your blog

Friends and family often ask me how and why I started blogging. While the reasons for starting a blog are endless, […]

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