0: How I Discovered My Ideal Career Path (And How You Can Do It Too!)

Have you discovered the right career path that can transform your life and power you ahead?

On today’s show, Matt Stewart, CEO & Entrepreneur, College Works Painting who shares with us his life story, and reveals how he found his true calling.

Growing up, Matt was fired from all sorts of jobs before he found his true path and unique ability. At the age of 20, he found the career path that was destined for him.

Matt had his eyes set on becoming a lawyer when he was studying at UC, Santa Barbara. And inspite of being hugely success-motivated, he had not bothered to explore the different career options out there. Matt was going ahead with his blindfolds on.

Once Matt discovered the right career, there was no holding him back. This discovery transformed his life and catapulted him ahead of the competition.

So, if you are young, wildly ambitious, and are aspiring to be a leader, tuning in today will particularly help you out. You will learn how you can explore different paths and discover the perfect career with perfect life balance.


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