#2 — Jason Bay, Founder of GenY Success


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Jason Bay, a College Works Alumnus, is on the show today! Jason is the founder at GenY Success and former marketing director at College Works Painting. The two Jason’s—Reid and Bay—have a great discussion about how to figure out whether or not entrepreneurship is right for you, and the importance of consistent action as an entrepreneur.

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Show Notes:

  • Jason wanted to be a forensic scientist (e.g. CSI) after his freshman year of college
  • Jason ran a $100,000 business in his first year with College Works Painting
  • How Jason’s experience with College Works Painting led him to entrepreneurship
  • Why Jason started GenY Success (and how he helps other young entrepreneurs)
  • How to figure out whether or not entrepreneurship is right for you
  • How Jason’s podcast has helped him establish credibility and connect with potential clients
  • The importance of building a platform (and how a platform can build your business)
  • Why it’s critical that you find like-minded people who will support you
  • Why it’s important to take action (even if you don’t really know what you’re doing)
  • How Jason racked up $25,000 worth of credit card debt (then paid it all off)
  • Jason also discusses the not-so-glamorous side of entrepreneurship

Fast Five:

  • Favorite quote: “Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.” — John Wooden
  • Favorite app: Way Of Life
  • Favorite TV show: Sons of Anarchy
  • Favorite book: The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  • Favorite technology: Macbook Pro

Jason’s final piece of advice for College Works Painting interns:

Focus on habits and how they compound to help you achieve your goals

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