Post Interview Thank-You Note Tips

No matter what position or job you are applying for, sending a meaningful thank you note will set you apart from other applicants.

thank you noteThank you notes do two great things for you–
1) It’s a simple way of showing gratitude towards someone who has done something kind for you.
2) It keeps the communication loop open between you and that person.

Whether or not you are already a diligent thank you note sender here are some tips that will help you to make sure your notes stand out from the rest.

1) Notes should be handwritten
Your note should be handwritten on embossed or quality plain paper. You can find great cards or writing paper at target or an office supply store.

*Two exceptions to the handwritten note rule: 1) If your handwriting is illegible, a nicely typed letter is a better way to go. 2) If your interviewer is traveling for business an electronic thank you note, like an email, is an okay way to go. Recognize in your email that you know they are traveling and wanted the thank you note to get to them immediately.

2) Send a note to everyone you interviewed with
If you were interviewed by more than one person, or interviewed multiple times, be sure that a note goes to each person. Most likely they gave you a business card as you left, so show that you now how to put it to good use.

3) Write unique notes
If you are writing more than one note be sure that it is personalized to each person. If you send the same generic note to multiple people then you might as well not send one. Your interview team will compare notes and if you take the time to write each one separately it will make a great impression.

4) Do not send gifts
Notes are a sign of appreciation, but sending a thank you gift is a major business faux pas. Gifts are a sign of bribery and are frowned upon.

Did I miss any other important thank you note tips? Good luck with your interviews!

Melanie Lovejoy
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