The Best Online (All Day) Black Friday Deals

Thanksgiving week is upon us, and as college students it’s normal to fully soak up the days off from the school grind. But after all the stuffing bliss, relaxation, and football watching is over it’s hard not to shift our minds to the popular festivity that follows just a few hours later: Black Friday.

For many, Black Friday is a day to get ahead on Christmas shopping. For some it’s an adventure into the land of giant savings and hype, and for others it’s a sworn off parade of craziness that will never be taken part in.

With Black Friday estimating 135.8 million Americans to shop over the weekend, wouldn’t you agree it’s a good idea to say goodbye to crowd surfing at your local department store and hello to couch surfing for fantastic deals right at the tip of your fingertips?

This year step back from the glorified early hours of Black Friday chaos and find an approach that can eliminate ditching the family on Thanksgiving.

Here are 4 department stores offering the best online (all day) student savvy deals:


Looking to add some pizazz to your dorm room, maybe a pop of color to your wardrobe, or a new tech gadget to show off in class?

Luckily, it looks like Target’s Black Friday approach has millennial love written all over it!

Having nearly all door-busters available for purchase online starting at 6pm on Thanksgiving makes it super easy for college students to not only surf the web from the comfort of our parent’s house with a belly full of turkey, but it also gives us incentive to treat ourselves for all of our hard work we’ve put in this semester.

Not to mention, target is promoting no lines at and through Dec. 25th all cyber buyers will earn free shipping and returns on online purchases with no limit amount spent. If this isn’t incentive enough, I don’t know what is!


Staples is reminding us all to set our alarms for their Black Friday Blowout! Starting on Thanksgiving guests are encouraged to get a jump-start by purchasing products online then pick up in store as early as 6am on Friday.

Their deals on laptops, tablets and so much more are noticeably competitive. Lock down a great deal on a swanky new gadget all by the click of a button this Thanksgiving!

While all items are fist come first serve, and there is a limit to one item on the blowout list for each person, there is still plenty of room to land a great deal before Thanksgiving break is over.


You name it, Macy’s has it! This year’s Black Friday Web Busters have already begun, and will be up and running through Saturday Nov. 28 with free shipping at $50.00. With deals so affordable, it’s hard for us college students to pass up the opportunity to save a few pennies.

To make it even easier Macy’s has also incorporated a Black Friday shopping buddy app to help you navigate your way to great savings.

Go back to school in style, and while you’re at it scope out a few options for mom and dad.

Best Buy

With all the hype around the newest released technology favorites, Best Buy is promising some deals to gawk at!

All sales will begin at 5pm on Thanksgiving and will linger the entire next day for online shoppers.

With the remainder of this semester and spring semester approaching it may be a good idea to surf through some fantastic deals on some student essentials.


If you still haven’t satisfied your online shopping craze by the end of this weekend, remember Cyber Monday will take place next Monday Nov. 30th.

Get to surfing!

Theresa Clark graduated from California State University Long Beach with a major in Journalism and a minor in Sociology. She works in the marketing department at College Works Painting, and has a strong passion for writing. She loves living by the beach, spending time with family and friends, watching the San Francisco Giants, and enjoying life outdoors.

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