The Ultimate Guide: How to talk about you CWP internship in a future interview Part 2: For DMs


This August will mark the fifth time Olympic medalist, Michael Phelps, will be present in the Summer Olympics. For essentially twenty years, Phelps has given his life to lanes of treaded blue waters and resilient fans. He has persevered and led a legacy in his Olympic stride.

This type of repeated success is huge! Through injuries, setbacks and backlash, Phelps has always set out to dominate what lies in front of him.

He has become a role model and a leader for those that will dive into the water after him. For those that dream of winning Gold.

For College Works Painting District Managers, the same type of energy is entwined within them. Through leadership, dedication and persistence DMs hold themselves at the level of Gold. They work hard for their results and they don’t let setbacks define them.

Last month we shared tips on how a CWP intern can successfully talk about their internship in a future job interview. Today, we are sharing (and giving tips) on how a CWP DM can highlight their experience in the same kind of light.

To learn how a DM can maximize their experience with CWP in a future job interview, I spoke with co-founder and CEO Mathew Stewart to gain insight on areas of the job that can be best highlighted in a future professional interview.

To help maximize the leadership role of a CWP DM, Stewart offers the following 3 tips:

Clarify the process

Since becoming a DM requires following specific guidelines, the growth at this level of leadership is not always the easiest ladder to climb. It is important for a DM to explain in a future interview how they got to this level of success.

Stewart described how each DM was essentially an intern before they were even considered for DM promotion. That there are mandatory qualifications that an intern must pass at the end of production season in order to even be considered.

“It’s not necessarily easy,” said Stewart. “You tend to only see a certain percent of interns complete the program go on to become a DM.”

Stewart emphasized that for the interns that do succeed and go on to become a DM, this type of success is looked to as a rather elite status since these are college students that are running a high level of business. Therefore, it’s imperative to explain this type of growth in a future job interview in order to sell your worth and demonstrate what you are capable of achieving.

Tip: By reading persuasive business books and by practicing the best way to relay your resume information, you can prepare the best possible mentality for a future interview. Remember, it’s important to be able to sell yourself and persuade the interviewer the right way in order to land the job.

Legitimize your role

A CWP DM is different than an intern in the way that they are essentially the leader of the pack.

Stewart explained how DMs are focused more on leadership skills at this level rather than management skills at the intern level. Each of our DMs nationwide strives at empowering their team to set goals and achieve them. They learn how to work with diverse groups of people, and develop the skill of being able to tailor their management to help grow and empower each specific person on their team.

When it comes to CWP DMs, it is required they have the ability to strategize and solve problems. Since they work within a greater time scale than interns, their efficiency and timeliness is vital and the way they conduct the flow of their role is key.

According to Stewart, it’s important for DMs to humanize their role as a leader within their prior experience. He recommended saying a statement like: I worked with an empowered […] amount of people, and I managed my own business successfully over the course of a summer. I was a mentor, a manager and a client consultant all at once.

“By describing the responsibilities that they have as a DM in a practiced and concise manner CWP DMs can ultimately legitimize their role within the company,” said Stewart.

Tip: As in all job interviews, the way you conduct your flow of communication in an interview is key. By practicing these specific key phrases there is room for legitimacy to transpire and ultimately a job offer to be distributed.

Embrace the next step

“DMs should be continually building their resume,” said Stewart. “They can ultimately surpass their peers by staying on the trajectory they are on. They should continue to take on more challenging roles and not go back to a normal college job after this type of experience.”

According to Stewart, a CWP DM should make it a point to always be looking towards the next step on their business path. By keeping themselves fresh and ready to jump at the next challenge, DMs can always remain affluent within the business world.

“College Works Painting is committed to helping students find their calling,” said Stewart. “A DMs success is a measurement of their success within the program, but it shouldn’t stop there.”

Tip: The next step is very much about always having one foot forward. By continually tailoring your resume you can assure you are on track towards the next step of your future career.

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